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Amazing Eritrean and Ethiopian Tastes

With every bite of Red Sea Restaurant's amazing Ethiopian and Eritrean food, you will take a trip to Africa. Using the most flavorful spices, freshest vegetables, and most tender meats, we create cuisine that is unsurpassed at your typical restaurant. Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary at our restaurant!

Fresh ingredients used in our Ethiopian and Eritrean food Fresh spices used in our Ethiopian and Eritrean food Fresh ingredients used in our Ethiopian and Eritrean food

Our Menu


○Vegetable Sambusa○

$ 2.00

Fritter stuffed with green peas, carrots, and jalapeno spices
○Meat Sambusa○

$ 2.00

Fritter stuffed with ground beef

$ 3.25

Fresh soup of the day ~ Hot or Not

$ 4.45

A party dip made with toasted sesame seeds, lemon juice, garlic, virgin olive oil and served with Pita bread


○Enguadai (Hot or Not)○

$ 8.00

Broccoli, zucchini, and mushrooms cooked in tomato, onions, and garlic sauce
○Silssi (Very Spicy, Hot or Not)○

$ 7.50

For those who delight in hot & spicy! This is prepared with a liberal amount of onions!
○Kantisha (Hot or Not)○

$ 8.00

Mushrooms cooked in tomato sauce and spices
○Birsin ~ Yesmir Wot (Mild)○

$ 7.50

Ground split red lentils cooked with red pepper, garlic, and ginger
○Tumtumo (Not Hot)○ 

$ 7.50

Pureed split peas in turmeric sauce garlic, and ginger
○Mixed Vegetables (Hot or Not)○

$ 8.50

Broccoli, carrots, onions, & cabbage ~ Cooked in tomato sauce & fresh natural spices
○Vegetarian Combinations (Hot or Not)○

$ 8.50

Sample of assorted dishes, spinach, lentil, peas, and one choice of Bamiya or Silssi
Red Sea Combination○

$ 9.00

Sample of assorted dishes, chicken, lamb, beef, spinach, and peas

$ 8.50

Injera soaked in beef, chicken, or lamb stew. Placing the meat or poultry over the entree. Served with a diced pepper topping
○Zilzil Tibbs (Not Hot)○

$ 8.95

Lady fingered top round stir fried with traditional spices, onions, and garlic


 Non-Alcoholic Drinks

○Red Sea Fruit Mix○


○Sodas & Tea○ 


○Intati (Telba)○ 




○Chai Maziwa○




Beer, Wine, & Cocktails

○Xingu™ (Dark Brazilian)




○Baobab Sauvignon Blanc™○


○Harar™ (Light Ethiopian)○


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